www.munster-express.ie March 2006


Human league’s great gig
The Human League, a great popular band of the eighties played a fantastic set at the 10 club in Waterford last Thursday on the eve of St. Patrick’s weekend.

They had two sell out shows in Dublin but the atmosphere in Waterford had to be better, as the band strutted their stuff in this nice tight venue on John St.

Phil is a brilliant vocalist and he churned up the old numbers with great ease.
The crowd really got going with old numbers like Mirror Man and the encore Don’t You Want Me Baby. Other hits of the 80s played were Electric Dreams,

Keep Feeling Fascination, Love Action, plus some new and old.
They really lit up the crowd of 500-600 upwards, who jumped on the floor, even though many were in their mid forties or much less including many new young fans. A great night of nostalgia for the 80s generation.

Jo Anne and Sally were admired by many of the lads, as they did not really age, and full of good dance routines, much to the delight of the audience as they strutted their stuff and changed costumes during the solid one and a quarter hour set, coming back for two encores.

The lighting was fantastic as they brought the latest gear with them.
Afterwards some major hits of that period were played much to the delight of the crowd who were in no mood to go home early. More again please soon.