VIENNA 2001 REVIEWS august 2001

..On the stage: Phil Oakey and the two ladies (please do not ask me for the names, as you ever knew?), in the background a couple of keybord players. Sounded as as always, pure synth, sugarcoated  but nice. After initial doubts if the whole thing was live at all, even if full playback wouldn't make not much of a difference. Of more interest than the music was the apperance: Phil Oakey, already a role model for failed Haircuts, presented this time proudly a model Agassi...The girls looked like they always do, thus like secretaries in the first term and ppresented themsleves, as always, in the role of the Animateurinnen à la club Mediterrané. Also the voice of Phil Oakey sounded like always, and that was quite pleasing. In the crowd (well filled U4, but actually I had more expected) surprisingly few were 20-somethings from that decade, but stonishing many were in the authentic 80's-look and even a designer Punk in the Sex Pistols gear - even though they may have misunderstood something? "Don't You Want Me" could off course not be missed, and added  MTV Stadionrock atmosphere in the U4. The 80's were in the city, and it was a lot of fun.


Loosely translated from austrian