Great. Here is a promise that it will be a long time before we push for another of EMI Golds long line of Collection albums. "The Best Of" gets a mention only to show that all is not well at EMI's department for new gift wrapping.

"The Best Of" is a really bad collection, a collection that stinks to high heaven of cynical marketing right from the cover (cannot have taken more than 15 minutes to make in Photoshop) to the tracklist.

The chosen tracks are mostly picked from "Dare" (1981), "Hysteria" (1984) and "Romantic?" (1990)- the only tracks not from these periods are "Mirror Man" and "Human" - which gives a rather narrow and very selective impression of The Human League. There's nothing from the bands first two albums and despite 5 tracks from "Dare", "Don't You Want Me" has been left out. And the tracklist is actually indentical to the Disky release "The Best Of" (1999), which reveals that this release is nothing more than a re-release with an updated cover and a new cataloge number.

Only interesting for those who buy any release marked The Human League. I'm guilty of the latter and I actually do feel rather…silly.

Loosely translated from norwegian