SOUTHAMPTON 2004 REVIEWS December 2004

Claire Edwards

Often when listening to the radio we are reminded of a certain time in our lives - a song that can bring back happy memories and set off a bout of nostalgia. Thatís what happened to me at the Guildhall - | was taken back 20 years to my teenage dancing days.
Phil Oakley, Joanne Catherall and Susan Anne Sulley, better known as the Human League, started the evening with Mirror Man. They were in fine voice and immediately got everyone singing along. I had forgotten how many great songs they had made - Tell Me When, The Lebanon, Human, Love Action and Sound of the Crowd reminded me and the crowd just how good they were, and if anything they sounded even better than in their 80s heyday, helped by perfect sound.

As the concert continued, the venue exploded with applause when the first few bars of Fascination were played. It was as if time had stood still, and I could imagine myself back in my stilettos, boogying as if hearing it for the first time Just about everyone was singing to the

following Donít You Want Me? Then came Circles of Death, Electric Dreams and the closing Things That Dream.
A packed hall of devoted Human League fans included Philís parents and some very committed fans from the Isle of Wight, plus others who were following the band throughout the whole tour. Easy to see just why they have such devoted fans - the show was a perfect combination of nostalgia and entertainment.