Stylus Magazine January 2007
Peter Parris

...Both “Beautiful Oblivion” and “The Black Hit of Space” (another decent cover, The Human League this time) deal with the matter in their own way. The former leans toward an embrace of the concept of limbo, whereas the latter compares a record’s smash success with the all-consuming power of a black hole; pulsing and glitching as it swallows everything in its path.

B- February 2007
Jenni Cole
...Echoes of the darker end of eighties electronica flit all over the album, above and beyond the cover of the early Human League classic The Black Hit Of Space, slipping in and out of ethereal memories from the British Electric Foundation to Saint Etienne....


MSN February 2007

...along with a suitably gloomy cover of Human League’s The Black Hit Of Space....


Q Magazine February 2007
Victoria Segal

...Nixey exploits her freedom to showcase a Euro-electro charisma on the enervated disco of Beautiful Oblivion and the surprising – and surprisingly good – cover of The Human League’s The Black Hit of Space....