SAO PAOLO 2005 REVIEWS September 2005

Marcelo Cia & Roberto Cushman
Nokia Trends is attended by 10 thousand people in São paulo.  Human League and The Glimmers shine.
Marcelo Cia and Roberto Cushman
In Sao Paulo
DJ Magal opened the event in Anhembi, warming up the cold night (19ºC) and greeting the arriving crowd, taking in the intricate architecture of the event.  A big trail of people gathered round the front of the stage and filled it up even before the end of Magal set.  Shortly afterwards him, punctually at 23h30,  the Human League - the band-pike of the synth pop English - entered in the stage as schduled.  Or more correctly, part of the band entered in the stage.  The vocalist Philip Oakey opened the show without his back up vocalists, supported by 2 keyboard players, a DJ and a young man that commanded the electronic battery.  Philip appeared with a serious face, dressed in a black coat.  The audience, basically youths that were born when the band began in the late70's, joined in with the singing.  The band had a fan club with streaks and everything, properly placed in the front, as all good fans.

The back up vocalists entered, also dressed in black coats with serious faces.  "Will they remove the coats?", asked Suzy Capó, director of the festival MixBrasil.  That was clearly a yes. Susanne Sulley, the blond vocalist, was to first to smile to the crowd.  Soon the three front figures removed the long coats, much to the joy of the crowd.  Joanne Catherall look very 80's dressed in vinyl and with dark hair. But the charisma of the band is incredible.  Blond Sulley is the one that shines most. A mixture of Kátia Miranda with Paris Hilton, she changed clothes 3 times, each time in a shorter dress.  The best one was the green one.  She was the one that stood out in the show. If she raised the arms the people applaused, when she changed clothes, they smiled…

They sung all of the hits from the more than 20 years career of the band.  And that is great.  It was what the crowd wanted to hear. The show was closed with the mega-hit "Don' t You Want me", with the audience all jumping, singing, happy.

Loosely translated from portugese