Rodrigo Toledo

Human League and Rinocerose. Two strong names to provide competition for the performance of Massive Attack on the first day. And they did. Thanks to nostalgia, and the vanguard of others, the made a vibrant performance for the audience. I admit not not emphasising too much on the presence of Human League. And I am glad to admit to have committed an immense error, when facing up to the reality that the British trio put on an impeccable show. Sure in ht eknowlegde that ithe sound was reproduced with fidelity, the performance of Phillip Oakey and his back up was centered around the recreation of absolutely all the classic ones. "Don't you want me", "Heart Like A Wheel", "Human", "Mirrorman", "Fascination", and many others followed one after another in front of an excited crowd, that valued the delivery of these musicians who may be past 40, but on stage moved like adolescents. Banks of electronics, keyboards, bass'es, electric guitar and the classic trio of voices confirms it's immortality, perhaps not in the performance of the group, but in our memory...

Loosely translated from spanish November 2004

Hector Aguirre

Human League headlined the second night of the festival SUE, carried out in the Space Riesco before some 3.500 people.

The concert was based on their bigger successes, since they are promoting the cd and dvd "The very best of Human League". For that we were thankful, since they traveled through a path of all their hits, with emphasis on the beginning of the eighties, with themes as "Open Your Heart", "Love Action (I Believe In Love)", "Donít You Want Me", "Mirror Man", " (Keep Feeling) Fascination", "The Lebanon", "Louise" and "Life On Your Own", all classics of the band.  Mention aside deserves the beautiful song "One man in my Heart" sung by Susan Sulley. 

It lifted the concert even further when they played their epoch of the end of the seventies "Empire State Human", when The Future and Heaven 17 integrated into Human League, more experimental electronic songs but continuing the path of the popular song. 

Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susanne Sulley, the classical formation, was accompanied by three keyboard players and a percussionist, all electronic and sounding as they were performing the original themes.  The musicians showed a show fresh and powerful, in which the years of the band on stage werenít noted. 

All in all a very good performance, that did not attend more public by because of the price of the entrance ($ 23.000).

Loosely translated from spanish