Music Week Magazine March 1995

The second single from the Octopus album is a gorgeous semi-ballad that clould be Abba if you didn’t know better


Melody Maker March 1995

Not the greatest moment in the League’s glittering recent history but close. One man is a straight(ish) love song, catchy as crabs and delivered with the slight awkwardness critics often mistake for irony. Moreover, it contains a Seminal Phil Oakey Deadpan Moment when he repeats Susan’s “The things we choose/The life we lose” in the kind of vocal associated with meetings of the Barnsley Labour Club. Definitely Phil The Unintentional Comedian’s finest five seconds since intoning “This is Phil talking/I want to tell you” during Love Action. This is a compliment, incidentally.


Live And Kicking Magazine March 1995

It’s singalong time in League’s-ville! Believe it or not, but this one’s even better than Tell Me When. It’s sung by Susan, the blonde one, and is kind of Abba-ish. What’s more, the Humans score points for using as many “ooh, la-la’s as they possibly can in one song. I counted at least 14!