NEW YORK 2003 REVIEWS August 2003


Here are ten reasons why the Human League's show at BB King's Blues Club is the greatest show New York has seen since *NSYNC's Pop Odyssey tour:
1. Philip Oakey called the venue "BB King's Synthpop Club".
2. None of the songs were shit. In fact, they were better than everything, ever.
3. There were loads of costume changes.
And every time

Philip changed costumes, he was still wearing black.
4. Duff covers by Five and Craig David make 'Human' sound even better when done by The Proper People.
5. Philip does this really funny thing whenever he wants to be 'theatrical' - he hides at the back of the stage, and then when it's his bit he walks into the middle. Ooh, the drama!
6. "While we were apart, I was human too" is the greatest talky-bit pop has ever, ever seen. Or heard.
7. Philip's turning into Neil Tennant. Receding hairline, wobbly dance, hand movements, the lot. Hooray - it's always good to have a spare.
8. 'One Man In My Heart' sounds great acoustically. (Though, admittedly, only for about one verse and one chorus.)
9. They cleared off with a run through 'Together In Electric Dreams'. If S Club 8 or their 'ilk' don't do a cover of this with an email-themed video within the next twelve months, there are some serious fuckwits working in the music industry.
10. Hurrah! There's room for a joke! Q: How do synth musicians rate their Greek dips?
A: With a hummus league.