Smash Hits December 1982

Neil Tennant

THE GIRLS are great at oooh-ing aren’t they?...A shiney new dance song with traces of Tamla-Motown and ABBA.


No 1 December 1982

Journalistically, I guess the Human League release is big news: the first for a year, and does it measure up? The answer is of cours. Did you ever doubt it?

I don’t care if I never see the Human League again, but I like and admire “Mirror Man” as an efficient, well put together pop record, with its timely Northern Soul touches and archetypically itching chorus. Number One for sure, and maybe, against my will, I’ll feel nostalgia for it in five years time.


Uncut Magazine 2001 new

David Stubbs

Although this strapping Motown pastiche went in at number 2, it's provident evidence that tthe League were losing their way a little. Motown pastiches, after all, were a little too fashionable back in the early eighties...


The Sunday Times Ireland November 2005 new

Motown goes electro on this pop peach from 1982.

www.allmusic.com new
Andy Hinds

The delightful new wave bubblegum pop of the Human League's buoyant "Mirror Man" single is joined here by two versions of "You Remind Me of Gold," (another track from the
Fascination! EP).