MELBOURNE 2003 REVIEWS November 2003
Paul Cashmere


The Here and Now tour through Australia has once again proven that when you play the hits the audience love you and you give value for money. At last night's show at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena 38 Top 40 hits out for 40 songs were performed in three and a half hours by seven performers and the audience loved it...

...After interval, it was time for the headline act, The Human League. This was like watching Kraftwerk on speed, a note perfect dose of electronica and a good serving from the second biggest selling album of 1982 'Dare'. Phil Oakey apologized on a few occasions that they were only performing a cut down set because of the festival like event but it fitted the mood of the show and no-one in the audience was complaining. The Human League were one of the biggest bands of the 80s and created a sound that may have been inspired by Bowie and Kraftwek but is still valid today.

The Here and Now show opened in Melbourne last night and plays Brisbane on Saturday November 15 and Sydney Monday November 17. For anyone who has ever had a bad hair 80s experience, this is the must see show to relive your youth. November 2003

Michael Dwyer

What's precious about pop music? Is it some inherent, mystical genius in the song itself or no more than the emotional attachment the listener brings to it?

Whatever it is, it had the entire Rod Laver Arena on its feet in a state of near ecstasy during Monday night's Here and Now '80s package tour...

...Ostensible headliners, the Human League, also left their small legend tainted, their cheesy, minimalist synth-pop looking and sounding disappointingly thin and vacuous...