MATROCK 2005 REVIEWS August 2005

Bene Van Eeghem

Human League: Sounds as good as the records

It's 2005 and Human League have existed for 28 years.  That's longer than me, and certainly longer than the half of the public at the Old Market saturday evening.  But the band had no problems. Even after almost 30 year in the showbizz Phil Oakey and his 2 backing vocals (oh yes, the blond and the darkhaired) looks as fresh as ever.  Their concert was even in many ways a quite regular home match.  Because everyone can sing along to the songs of Human League.

Their performance began strong, and Human League knew how to get the Market swinging for the first time today. Of course not an impossible task, when you have a string of hits to fall back on. And the hits literally lasted from start to finsih of the concert. Just to summarize: Love Action.  The Lebanon.  Fascination.  Human.  Et cetera.  Et cetera.  All nicely and cheerfully performed, yes, almost as if you they at a wedding with the dj spinning the records.  The choice of songs created a truly great atmosphere at the market.

After a small hour, the concert ended with the masses singing along to "Don' t you for me".  Everybody loudly shouting that they had worked as a waitress in a cocktailbar (there were especially one person in his fifties with a beard that I had some difficulties imagining in that role) - and then: Don' t you for me OOOOOOH....  Nice.

They kept it up with the encore "Being Boiled", because that actually showed that Human League in the beginning were a new wave-band with a poppy edge, that belonged in broader surroundings. That was a succesfull choice of song.  These days the band has to play rather on the safe side and bring out the hits.  And even if you were missing some songs, you could always experience the 10 out of ten Soundmixshow.

Conclusion: Human League live are great, but also sound like on the records. So to appreciate that you didn't actually needed to show up in Leuven really. If you have another opinion, then that's not a problem.

Loosely translated from dutch