Manchester Evening News December 2002

Simon Spence
NOW that the 80s are the new 60s and certain British "new romantic'' records have real clout and cachet - with Electricity by O.M.D the hot example - does that mean we can get excited about seeing Five Star again?
On this early 80s package tour with Human League providing main draw, the oddities and extremities of 80s electronica provided novel nostalgic support.
...The 80s, for a band of Brit youth, were epitomised by The Human League - Phil Oakey's post-parodic lop-sided fringe haircut and the bizarre dancing of Suzanne and Joanne. At their best cutting and stark, on songs like Being Boiled, they pushed an industrial funk synth sound that inspired the Sheffield house boom.
Last night they challenged the candy pop of the openers with a dark electronic chug in homage to The Ramones. Sound Of The Crowd, too, clanged and bleeped along on a suitably futuristic electronic riff.
Suzy and Jo showed they still know how best to decorate Oakey's deadpan vocals on Mirror Man and the throbbing Love Action.
The Georgio Moroder-styled Electric Dreams and the ever singalongable Don't You Want Me showcased their clean pop edge but in a typifying 80s act of perversion they encored with their most sonorous and serious song, The Lebanon.