Even though the current Human League album "Secrets" is well over two years old, these days a new Maxi CD from the album appears.

Nokove Records has published Love Me Madly? in a strictly limited edition. On the Maxi Cd are four of the best remixes in the 20 year music history of Human League. "Love Me Madly?" already stood out on  the "Secrets" album, convinced by its purposeful electronics, that the band had lost none of its charm entering 2001.But this maxi-cd presents not only the genious of the present, but also another electronically full and innovatine sound of the trio. Among the different remixers we also find Dave Bascombe, who made himself nitoced in the early '90s with among others various remixes for Erasure. Each of the four remixes on this silverlining knows how to convince. The essential structures of the Love Me Madly? remixes, with its purposeful bass LINES, form a wonderful club atmosphere when hearing it. Love Me Madly? is garnished with ingenious, underlining spherical melodies and arrangements and paired with the unmistakable charismatic voice of Human League lead singer Philip Oakey. Publication of electronic pop on hte all-highest level - Human League are back - and that more strongly than ever before!

(Translated from german)