LONDON  2005 REVIEWS December 2005

Steven Hurst

It’s certainly a pleasure to actually get to see one of those bands that has always been lingering in your past. Human League must be commended for walking that fine line that could very easily drop them off either into obscurity or into the embarrassing Brannigans Circuit where so many 80’s acts have relegated themselves to (T’Pau, Howard Jones anyone!). Thanks must then go to the countless clubs and TV shows that are always using their material on any night of entertainment – But mainly applauds must be saved for Oakey himself for writing tunes that have stood up over the years and are hard to let go of – let alone forget!
The performance itself was full of glitz and glamour – leaping right into ‘Tell Me When.’ Oakey doesn’t seem to have lost a day. Going for the shaved and shades look he makes it clear from the get go that his voice does indeed not falter in a live scenario. His is of course as ably assisted as ever, even if everyone else on stage is a bit static.
Still there was a sense of ‘They have done this thousands of times.’ so it should be forgiven if the atmosphere seemed a bit stale at times. But for League fans, there’s not a moment of sadness about any of it – and for any new ears out there, you can do no wrong by making them a retro band to listen out for.