LONDON 2002 REVIEWS July 2002
A vast amount of people have deserted the main stage by this point, probably wanting to beat the traffic or make a start on the hour-long walk back to the nearest tube station. And that is a shame, cos the Human League played four songs and were totally fucking awesome. The girls, bless 'em, never really could sing (though Joanne had some impressive big boots and Susan had a nice hat) and didn't do anything to change that today with an out-of-tune 'Mirror Man'. The set also included 1996 comeback hit, 'Tell Me When', which got as big a cheer as any and a mass singalong. 'Together In Electric Dreams' even made an appearance and although it wasn't strictly a Human League song in the first place as Mr Phil Oakey said, "it sounds better as the Human League." And it did. 'Don't You Want Me' is played with a choir (!) and they disappear off into the night. Sob... January 2005

Jennifer Nine

The last pop act of the night manage the same trick, the ever peculiar and ever wonderful Human League. Although they increasingly look like they should be in a particularly depressing Mike Leigh film, the excellence of 'Mirror Man' and 'Electric Dreams' haven't faded with the years. People start trudging homewards only to be stopped dead in their tracks by the iconic class of 'Don't You Want Me'