Andy Kellman

The consensus is that the Human League have continued to thrive as a live act throughout the years.
Live at the Dome, unfortunately, doesn't back this up. Recorded at a late 2003 appearance at Brighton, England's Dome, this set heavy on
Dare!, along with stray favorites that span the group's existence is full of energy, and the group remains excited to play its material to its fans, but Philip Oakey's voice isn't near top form. Occasionally hoarse-sounding, he often strains as well, and Susan Anne Sully's and Joanne Catherall's responses tend to be a little nasal. The arrangements are rarely changed, though "The Lebanon" is actually improved with a different drum sound. Insatiable fanatics will see past the faults, but there's no doubting that the DVD version of the performance is far more preferable.



Uncut Magazine 2005
Recorded on their 2003 comeback tour, the Rita, Sue and Bob Too of techno pop have changed little....Endearing.