Xtravaganza struck gold, so to speak, with Chicane's Bryan Adams collaboration, and now we get the Human League's Phil Oakey teaming up with their finest, DJ Alex Gold.
It's a winner - Oakey deadpans his way through a couple of verses that are straight out of the League songbook, and lead to a suitably euphoric, chart-bothering chorus, with Gold's production spot on. Even the backing vocals are in the best Human League tradition.
The mood is house, but with trancey overtones, so this could be big at a commercial club in your area. The Greed mix isn't quite so effective but is perfectly passable as a dub. Head straight for the original, as the vocal goes 'LA Today, it's a dream away'. April 2003 new

Rob Windle

Extravaganza boss Alex Gold teams up with Human League electro innovator Phil Oakey to produce a perfect slice of pop. Forget the 'trance' tag, "L.A. Today" sounds more like a modern Human League track than anything else. The stand out mix has to be the stomping "Greed Is Good" mix, with its pounding and distinctive analogue bassline. The tune itself is very uplifting and catchy, and it really is the ideal club anthem. Perhaps too electro for the R&B obsessed Radio 1, "L.A. Today" deserves to be a massive UK hit.