www.primalrecords.com June 2003

Norman Arenas

From the folks who brought you the Throwback EP comes a brand new 4-tracker of illicit goodness. Human League's "Fascination" gets things going with a fat production value that's true to the original, with tougher beats and a pronounced b-line for the modern clubber. The Fixx classic "One Thing Leads To Another" and The Romantics' "Talking In Your Sleep" also get faithful mixes, making the only major rework going to Coldplay's "In My Place," which gets a warmer, deeper early night makeover. Need one of those sure-thing reactions in a hurry? Move this to the front of your box.

www.turntablelab.com June 2003
The 80's are back, as we all know- and here's a record to really remind you of that fact. Om record's artist Kaskade takes four tracks we all know and love and remixes them for the dancefloor- tracks include remixes of Human League's "Fascination," Coldplay's "In My Place," The Fixx's "One Thing," and the Romantic's "Talking In Your Sleep." This is the final repress of this title- so once they're gone, they're gone forever!