Smash Hits 1986

Seeing as this song was written by six people (none of whom appear to be The Human League) you’d think that they could knock out something better than this. “I need your loving, I need your kissing, babe”. That, to the mathematically inclined, is precisely 1.5 words each. It just goes to show how far downhill the Human League have gone – they sound positively bored on this record and who can blame them?


No 1 1986

Amazing fact 1: A monkey, if left to doodle around with the latest studio technology for long enough, could come up with a funk track to rival something like “Sex Machine”. Amazing fact 2: It took SIX people, including the mega-talented Jam and Lewis team to come up with the limp funk of “I Need Your Loving”.

After the rather lovely “Human”, The Human League latest is a serious disappointment, consisting almost entirely of the title being repeated ad infinitum over the same beat. More trash than crash…


NME July 1990

Stuart Maconie

MUTED, UNDISTINGUISHED second single from “Crash”. Seamless but lacking in heart or chutzpah.