Smash Hit August 1986

Simon Mills

It is a beautifully crafted, warm and melodic tune.  A perfect pop record no less. It’s also remarkably similar to many of the other artist like The SOS Band, Change, Alexander O’Neil and Cherelle who have all, together with “Human” been produced by the much in demand team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. This is a howlingly evident difference, though: Philip Oakey can’t sing. The vocals on this single sound, as on all League records, fragile and unconfident. “I’m only human, born to make mistakes”, sings Philip in his own unique flat style. Jam & Lewis actually turned down Lionel Ritchie to make this record and I would guess that as well as producing it, they arranged it, played all the instruments on it and probably wrote most of it as well. Pity they couldn’t sing on it or get someone else to do it.


No.1 Magazine August 1986

They are back with this smoochy little number which at first isn’t all that impressive. However for want of anything better to play we’ve given it quite a few listens here at No.1 and it does grow on you – honest. With time this could be a massive hit.

(5 out of 5)


Record Mirror August 1986

Long awaited re-appearance of the Leaguesters and I’m seemingly the sole objector at Record Mirror. What infiltrates the charts with unswerving regularity these days, they ponder? Mostly American, mostly medallion-sporting balladeers. Aw shucks, we can’t fail. Excactly the girlie nonsense I constantly fall for, but not this time. As for that dumb blonde talkover twixt “I’m only huuuman” – yeeuurrk! Limp, listless and resolutely installed in the subconscious.


NME July 1990

Stuart Maconie

…From the opening drum salvo to the gleaming elegance of the chorus, it was the most stylish thing they’ve done in years. A beautiful cybernetic soul ballad. Suddenly, ears pricked up.


Uncut Magazine 2001 new

David Stubbs

This collaboration with production team of the mid eighties, Jam & Lewis.... is a blue jewel in their canon.