HUESCA 2006 REVIEWS October 2006
Juan Rebenaque

…even if the enclosure did not have the best acoustic conditions for this type of activities, the music - mechanical, powerful, elegant... - sounded in majestic form in the Pavilion of Sports of Huesca.

The audience surrendered to Oakey, Sulley and Catherall with the first notes of "The Sound Of The Crowd". Phil Oakey's powerful voice demonstrated that, at 51, he not only maintains his wonderful voice intact but also that he can still be considered a sex symbol: which could be heard by the sreams of the girls on the first couple of rows when the singer of the League changed his clothes to an elegant crooner suit in the second half of the concert.

The band that accompanied the trio sounded compacts, perfect as they performed songs like "Open Your Heart", "Mirror Man", "(Keep Feelin') Fascination", "The Lebanon", "Human", "Tell Me When", "All I Ever Wanted", "Empire State Human" and, of course the immortal "Don't You Want Me". Songs that are, in their own right, between the best ones in the history of pop of last the twenty-five years. Although, in my opinion, the best thing this night was a killer interpretation of another classic one, "Love Action (I Belive In Love)", with which Oakey returned to the brilliant baritone tone who made it famous. Only during one song, a version of "Just Be Good To Me", by SOS Band, Oakey retired from the stage to yield protagonism to Susan and Joanne, that were really enternecedoras with their attitude, its changes of clothes and their choreographies, so ingenuous (in spite of doubtless sex appeal of Susan) so delicious. And that is what makes The Human League distinguished compared to the rest of their contemporaries and which allows them to gain a following with no need to have a new disc at the top of the charts. They are not pop stars pop in that sense, they are just three "normal" people that has given us glorious songs.

For the encore, they played their first single, "Being Boiled", and the song that Oakey recorded with Giorgo Moroder, "Together In Electric Dreams". The public remained contentment, but he knew us little. Hopefully they return soon...