NME July 1990

Stuart Maconie

BACK TO the crashing, gargantuan approach for this one, an ambitious marching anthem that claims “I wanna be tall tall tall/Tall as a wall wall wall”. It is a delightful sci-fi short (a sort of antithesis to The Incredible Shrinking Man) whose lyric displays a knowing comic edge belied by the song’s terse, tub-thumping treatment…


Uncut Magazine 2001 new

David Stubbs

"I wanna be tall, tall, tall, as big as a wall, wall, wall". Oakey's Nietzschian pop fantasy reflected his own burgeoning full-on pop ambitions...


The Sunday Times Ireland November 2005 new

The third single from the original Marsh, Ware and Oakey line-up; a classic League chantathon.