COLOGNE 2001 REVIEWS august 2001


Cologne: PopKomm, music festival at the ring - once again Cologne is the exception. At Neumarkt, the programme for Eins Live Bühne is a predominantly Rap / Hip Hop covered palette with Samy Deluxe, Seed, Fettes Brot, Reamonn Und Den Söhnens  Mannheim for... and in the middle of it: Human League! Somebody probably have asked themselves: "will that work?" After Fettes Brot went off stage one observed hectic movements towards the stage among the spectators. What followed was an entrance, that could not have been more imposing: Human League enter the stage through the windaided fog, altogether in long, black robes, as they were straight on the way to the next Empire Of Darkness party. Generally, of all the Outfits here, Human League were certainly the coolest of the day.
The crowded public at the Neumarktdid celebrated enthisiastic the perfectly assembled 30-minute programme with hits of all HL-decades, like "Mirror Man", "Together in Electric Dreams", "Tell Me When", "Human", "All I Ever Wanted" and off course "Don't You Want Me" (" Being boiled" wasn't included). The few remaining young Rap-followers looked confused and speechless. They probably hadn't seen anything like this before. Phil Oakey repeatedly stated how nice it was to play once again in Germany after such a long time and asked for exampel, whether anyone could remeber the broadcast of "Bio's Bahnhof".
At the end one thing was certainly claer. The brave decision to put them on the programme had worked!

Loosely translated from german