BRISTOL 2005 REVIEWS December2005
The Human League, Colston Hall, Bristol ONE of the best-selling Eighties groups, still comprising Phil Oakey, Susanne Sulley and Joanne Catherall, kept the crowd enthralled from the moment they took to the stage and set just the right note for the Christmas party spirit.
They began with recent material but in due course they reverted back to the music which made them a household name - and this was what the audience had come to hear. As they belted out their old hits The Lebanon, Sound Of The Crowd, Love Action, and of course, Don't You Want Me, they sounded as fresh and sharp as when they took the British music scene by storm back in the 1980s.
Oakey strutted his stuff about the stage as he sang, supported admirably by Sulley and Catherall.
The whole band worked tirelessly to put over a strong, professional performance, and their ceaseless efforts to please their audience was rewarded by a delighted and happy crowd demanding encores at the end of the concert.
Time has not aged the League, nor diminished them in any way. They have still got what it takes, and they can still put a song across.
It was a wonderful night out, and a marvellous start to the Christmas festivities - for everyone there.