The Brighton Argus December 2002

Jakki Phillips

Organisers of huge concerts often remain anonymous - but not in this case.

The organiser behind the Here And Now Christmas Tour must have been that well-known Christmas miser - Scrooge.

Despite being described as "a Christmas Tour", the concert lacked that all-important festive sparkle.

The stage had no tinsel, no twinkly fairy lights, no present-laden tree, no laughing Santa and not a single happy elf.

In fact, the only signs of Christmas were among the crowd itself. Revellers, keen to get festive to the sounds of the Eighties came decorated with tinsel, baubles and mistletoe.

Shame the organisers did not feel generous enough to match their good spirits. It was also a shame none of the bands played any Christmas songs.

Moans and groans aside, the concert itself was a blast from the past featuring the best (and a few of the worst) Eighties bands.

...But the stars of the night were definitely the massively minimalist, electro-pop sensations Human League. Playing greatest hits such as Love Action and Don't You Want Me Baby, they provided a spectacular synthesised finale, which celebrated the New Romantic era and left the crowd on an absolute high...