BRADFORD 2005 REVIEWS December 2005
Last night I was at A-ha, tonight its the Human League and the contrast could not be clearer. Where A-ha were for the most part dull, the Human League, as ever gave this sell out crowd exactly what they wanted. The hits, the best of the album tracks and for the uber-fans, a couple of more obscure oldies (Empire State Human and the excellent Marianne). The band know how to put on a show and entertain and this they do for 90 mins. Phil, Susan and Joanne have been treading this path of catering to the 80's kids for a few years now but its interesting to see with each tour more younger people. I doubt any would be disappointed.
You want the hits you got 'em: Mirror Man, Love Action, Open Your Heart, Human, (Keep Feeling) Fascination - sounding awesome tonight! - Sound of the Crowd and of course Dont You Want Me, they just kept coming. Sadly still no return to the live set for Susans' finest "One Man In My Heart" but her increasingly revealing outfits possibly made up for this amongst the male contigent at least!
Once again, the show closes with the rather excellent and fitting Together in Electric Dreams. It really should be the law that The League must tour every year in December, its the best way to remember the eighties but also to start the festive month!