The Independent December 1998

Nicholas Barber

...The Human League were more convincing (than ABC), but as cult oddities rather than pop giants. The women kept changing dresses, and Phil Oakey strode manfully across the stage, but this showpersonship was in stark contrast with the chilly white set and the robotic music. When Oakey intones, “It took seconds of your time to take his life”, over a severe, one-finger keyboard figure, it’s obvious that Christmas nostalgia tours are really not his scene...


The Birmingham Post December 1998  new

The Boy turns Queen to reign over eighties revival

…Also answering questions on the Eighties were Human League, per forming on a stark black aad white set with synthesisers built into quiz- show style lecterns . But there was no Carol Vorderman. Phil Oakey (with a very closely cropped head of hair) had instead the world's most famous ex-cocktail waitresses, Joanne Catherall and Susanne Sulley, who had clearly been buying some X-rated gear at the Clothes Show Live exhibition next door.
Oakey's vocals were cut-throat as he proceeded through Mirror Man Fascination, Human and rounded off a sadly short set with Don't You Want Me.
All terrific fun and you can relive it again at the NEC on Thursday.