Sounds June 1979

Stephen Gordon

...These bands are out to dupe you, expecting tolerance and a degree of indulgence they don't deserve - the Human League are more sophisticated about it of course, couching their defence of the esoteric language of electronics and practicallity; frankly disarming, they are let away with murder, and in an age of ironies, their crimes are even applauded...

...The Human League are palying a similar game, except theirs requires a greater willingness to play in the first place...The League's modus operandi is their most inspiring feature, but lacking any spontaneous content of real worth, their subject matter is placed together from homespawn philosophy, and half-baked postulating, bolstered by a selection of deliberately oblique connections.

Thus, during "Circus Of Death", stills from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie and Psycho are logically projected immediately followed by a shot of a lone filing cabinet. They are leading us on, secure in the knowledge that one is hesitant to deflate something one instinctively feels to be profound.

This won't last much longer. Credibility is acceptable only when satisfactory returns are obtained and The Human League's time is running out on that score. The control explanitions and justifications were recorded and fille dmonths ago, and "all" they have left is a collection of rumdom blips and squeaks plus some excellent slides. Their music is wonderful late-night in a dark room, and it can only be time before they are asked to score a film, but as a live attraction they are boring.