Lavanguardia May 2005


The Spring Sound falls in love with the Fòrum

According to the first estimations, more than 15.000 people attended the second day of the Spring Sound, that at last in the Fòrum  has found an adequate space that is a true luxury, to be written down as the best of the annual festivals with the music of alternative spirit. 

..The Human League performed much better than New Order did earlier, although along the way their front singer had lost the famous one sided haircut.  Phil Oakey no longer sports hair and the girls endeavor in pretending that they have been abducted by a time machine to be tele transported to the glorious days of Travelogue (we all did) and performed with delicacy the sound of classic songs such as Mirror man or the irresistible The Lebanon.

Loosely translated from Spanish


Elperiodico May 2005

Nando Cruz

…Human League causes delirium with tecno-pop…


All the class and distinction that New Order was lacking earlier, The Human League showed in their performance. The pioneering band of the English tecno-pop offered an hour without waste.  They put in an impeccable show, with Phil Oakey in perfect physical state and voice and a listing of their best songs (The Lebanon, Mirror man, The Sound Of The Crowd, Love action, Fascination, Don’t You Want Me, Together In Electric Dreams) are still elegant, contagious and fresh.  Pity that by then half of the crowd had already gone.  It was three in the early morning and the day had been very long and intense. 

Loosely translated from Spanish