www.undercover.com.au 11th November 2003

Human League Dare Martin Rushent To Remix Dare

Paul Cashmere

Word out of the UK this week is that producer Martin Rushent who was behind The Human League's album 'Dare' may be upgrading the album with a remix. It is something that doesn't exactly excite The Human League.

"Going back sometimes doesn't work" lead singer Phillip Oakey tells Undercover News. "The last thing I heard was that it is quite likely that it might happen. Somehow because we have not seen Martin for a long time and it feels like he is not the reliable person that he used to be, I don't know if it true. We were recording with him again in the mid 90s and it was more or less like the old days. It was flakey".

The question for Susanne Sulley is not only how good will it be by how current it will sound. "As Phillip said, I don't know how reliable Martin is and I don't know how up to date he is" she says. "I don't think there would be any point in

remixing it and doing 'Love and Dancing Pt 2'. We did 'Love and Dancing' and it was great and that is effectively what you are talking about but would there be any point in doing it again?"

The Human League were modernized recently by Richard X. "Richard X had two top 10 hits with songs where the instrumental track was ours and Martin rang him up and said he loved the stuff and wanted to go out with dinner with him" adds Phillip. "That means he might be up to date and into the current electronic scene. When he wants to be up to date, Martin is really up to date".

"Maybe he is so far behind that he is up to date" Joanne Catherall says.

The Human League are currently in Australia on the Here and Now tour. They play Brisbane on Saturday and Sydney next Monday.