Woman's Own Magazine 19th August 2002

They were the pop princesses of the 1980s, but love and life haven't stood still for the Human League girls and Altered Images Star Clare Grogan

Jane Oddy

Joanne Catherall

My biggest and best achievement has been becoming a mum to my five-year-old son Elliot. He's the love of my life and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being in the pop industry as he's grown up in recording studios - he's a bit of a show off.
When he was a baby he came on an American tour with us and slept on our tour bus. It's normal for him to go to soundchecks and be on a stage.
Now he's older and at school I refuse to go away for long periods because I'd miss him too much. We did a three-week tour last year and that was tough.
Phil Oakey, Human League's frontman, is fantastic with him and they really love each other. He is like an honorary uncle.
I met my husband, Peter, 13 years ago. He works in computers and created the official Sex Pistols site. He was in a band when I met him at a friend's party.
I'd hate to be part of the celebrity circuit that goes on now. It was never like that when we were big, and I couldn't live life like that. I'm a very private person.
I never moved away from
Sheffield and I live in a nice area in a three-bedroom semi. We made a lot of money over the years, but we now run our own studio and that's costing us a lot.
One of my greatest memories is when we went to No 1 in 1981 with Don't You Want Me. Susan and I were still at school, and Susan's mum had to come to the classroom to take us to the Top Of The Pops, it was very exciting.
We really haven't changed that much on stage. We have full make-up, hair spiked out and lots of cleavage. People probably think. "My God! Why is she dressing like that at nearly 40?"
Still, I don't care if I'm not as slim as a teenager - I think that's what the fans want to see.


Susan Ann Gayle

I've always been a pretty impulsive person, which probably explains why I married my husband, Mark, just two months after meeting him in a Sheffield nightclub. We didn't even tell our parents, and went off to a registry office to get married in secret in July 2000.
The only person I told was Joanne Catherall. I rang her the night before and

she just said, "I always knew you would do something like is."


We went to a registry office and got two people we didn't know to be our witnesses. I wore a long black Ghost dress, and held a couple of lilies.
Afterwards, we went into my local bar and Harold, the guy who runs it, said, "You haven't?" And I replied, "We have!" so he opened a bottle of champagne and slowly word got round and our friends started turning up.
My mum and dad went absolutely ballistic. My mum couldn't understand it, but it would have been impossible to have a small wedding in Sheffield. I think when some people get married they want their 15 minutes of fame and attention, but I didn't need it - I'd had that for years.
Sadly, we're not together anymore. It was lovely whiles it lasted but we split up after 10 months. I was heartbroken at the time, but I'm over it now and we're still good friends.
It was good to have work after Mark and I split up. Human League never stopped working, but I found it difficult when we weren't the big band anymore. It took a bit of getting used to.
Even so, I'm proud we're still going. We've been close to bankruptcy several times but we're still here.
We've often tried to change our style, but as soon as we add daft vocals it becomes a Human League album again. We couldn't change that sound, even if we wanted too.
Still, I would never go back to 1980s clothes again. Not only am I too old - I'm 39 now- but I'd feel so silly in those things that I wore then.
Joanne and I were only 17 and still at school when Phil Oakey spotted us in a nightclub and asked us to join the Human League. We had no money to go to designer stores. Back then there weren't any stylists, so we did it all ourselves. We used to buy stuff from Oxfam and rehash it and customise it for live performances.
The make-up in the 1980s was pretty full on. I'd just have a line for blusher, lots of pink eyeshadow and blue lips.
I'm even slimmer now than I was then. I think we got away with such outrageous outfits because we were so young, but the record company should have taken us aside sometimes because we made some big mistakes.
Still, I've got some outfits in my wardrobe that Sophie Ellis Bextor would die for.'