Merseymart November 2001

There aren't many pop groups that are still going strong after more than 20 years in the business, and
only a handful of those have their roots in the synthesiser pop explosion of the late 70s and early 80s.

Daniel Clein

The Human League, famous for such hits as 'Don't You Want Me' and 'Tell Me 
When', are one of the few bands from that era of big hair and silly make-up to
have emerged in the relatively sane musical waters of the 21st century. The 
Sheffield group are about to tour with their first new material in six years and
singer Susan Sulley - perhaps better known as 'the blonde one' - is looking
forward to it.
"I'm a bit nervous at the moment, but I'll feel better when we've done some 
more rehearsals," she says.
"We'll be doing some new stuff, some old stuff and there'll be a few costume 
changes too." The new stuff is their current album, Secrets, which despite
considerable critical acclaim, has been a commercial disappointment.
"We were really happy with it, and we had really fabulous reviews, probably
the best of our career, but Radio 1 won't play it and Radio 2 thinks we're too
'avant-garde'," says Susan.
Susan's own musical tastes are refreshingly modern.

"I really like bands like Daft Punk and Air. My favourite song this year is
'Starlight' by the Supermen Lovers."
Despite her busy popstar lifestyle, Susan still has time for the odd break, and 
Liverpool is one of her favourite weekend destinations.
"How could anyone not love Liverpool! The nightlife is fantastic and the people
are so warm and friendly." Susan's husband, Mark, is a big Liverpool fan, and
the pair were pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to the city.
"After the Liverpool-Leeds game, we were in the Mosquito bar in the city centre, 
and we saw Markus Babbel," she says.
"We got talking to him, and he was sure he recognised me from somewhere 
it turns out he'd bought our album, and remembered me from the cover. Mark
was ecstatic!"
Fans of the Human League - German footballers included - can catch the band 
at Liverpool University on Sunday December 2nd.