NME October 1999
… Dignified old-time entertainer Tony Christie and culture-observing wunderkinds Phil Oakey, Jarvis Cocker and Stephen Babybird are among the weirdy performers….. on '1st Man In Space', the Human League resume their fantastically familiar, old-skool electronic pop, and again the futility of striving to achieve, the pain, the fucking dumbness of it all is written all too large: "I was the first man in space on our street... How come no-one wants to know what I saw?". God, and we all know how that feels. Glistening beneath the decay and tragedy sits blind hope and moral fortitude…..

The album gets 7/10
Jim Harper
 ...1st Man in Space" features
Philip Oakey and sounds like the Human League — which is good, but not all that interesting....