www.mediekonverter.de May 2002

DJ Horn
first thought that runs through your head with this maxi-cd is; The 1978 classic "Being Boiled" from the Human League; How often has that already been misused? Is almost like a band have to do a interpretation of this track, before they receive the permission to publish their own stuff [it was also the first single of HUMAN LEAGUE, only it was their own..]
Right.  We'll put that aside. What awaits us this time? With the door into the house falling: In my eyes the best cover of this piece was the orginal, that really blew the house down, until now that is! The class of this new interpretation lies in the trivial manner that its compared  very strongly with the original, solely a couple breaks adeptly incorporated and let the beat be somewhat more in time. That never brings in the original power of the track and that otherwise depressing Sound becomes yet less boring.. Next to that *jolly manner* "original" [like self-critically *g*] named version, the Silberling include the shorten the "Zombie nations RMX", that offers more BPM, but isn't as remarkable.
End result: Exited! A. F. A. may now hit us with their own composition!

Translated from german


www.overloadmedia.co.uk May 2002

The Human League are enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment with all sorts mashing up their tracks. Mark Hawkins has put ‘Sound of the Crowd’ through the mincer and Richard X has already bootlegged ‘Being Boiled’. AFA go for a straight cover, a very minimal dub styled version, another similar romp and my favourite, the Richard Anderson mix which is a slower and dirtier groove altogether. There is a saying if it ain’t broke it don't need fixing and this doesn't really do enough to dispel the myth, although one version is worth a listen.


www.megafon-mag.com May 2002

Mat Carter

Covers of Human League tracks. All very retro clash sounding a mix for the floor and a couple of more experimental versions but the mix for me is the very Leftfield sounding Richard D Anderson mix, slow paced heavy electronic dub.