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Just before the concert started it began to rain slightly but after a few songs it seemed that they could make the rain disappear. They opened the show with their song Being Boiled at that was actually the only song they played in that style. We had to wait until the second song to see the singer. This band from the north of England surprised a lot of people not only by their music but also because they changed cloths very often. Not that the cloths were spectacular but they changed a lot. Two women for backing vocals or an occasional solo performance (an acoustic ballad) helped the singer with the vocals. The Human League brought old and more recent songs and waited to play Don’t You Want Me Baby until the end of the concert. Another introduction was the drummer, who played with them for the very first time. After that they were called back to play two extra songs. It was a good concert but it could use more energy. By changed cloths at some times they left a big gap between the songs. The UK based Black Melody label, run by Richard X (Girls On Top), will be releasing a 12" and a CD holding The Human League and The Future tracks dating from the late 1970s, prior to the split of the original Human League line-up. The 12" will include exclusive tracks that are not featured on the CD and will be limited to just 2000 copies. The release will be followed by a full length release, entitled The Golden Hour Of The Future. Because we were not allowed to take pictures we can not show you any photos of the concert. Furthermore the organisation was very good and a lot of people had to find their way home after this concert.


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Guy Ongenaert

..The Human League impressed through their charisma as a group, and that is natural with the timeless hits as “Mirror Man”, “Don't You Want Me” and “Seconds”.  Only the tracks from the new album ,,Secrets'' held up things a bit…